Senior Moving and Move Management Services

Move management services"Helping senior adults and families of aging parents with all aspects of moving and relocating."

By providing senior moving services along with care management services, Carative will be able to better serve the financial, personal and physical needs of our clients. In keeping with our goal of promoting the autonomy of our clients, we will work with our clients to ensure that their later-life transition be conducted on their own terms and in their own time.

We understand that leaving a lifelong home and moving locally or perhaps relocating to another state can be stressful and taxing for senior adults, which is why we encourage our clients to thoroughly explore their options and allocate themselves ample time to decide what is emotionally, fiscally and physically in their best interest. We believe that the decision to move belongs to the client and our role is to assist them in properly executing and managing that choice.

We start by performing a comprehensive assessment and to determine whether a move makes sense. Depending on the results of our assessment, we then take one of two paths.

Remaining in your current home?

If remaining in your current home is the smartest choice, our services include:


If a move is the right choice for your situation, some of our many moving and relocation services include:

As with our care managers, our senior move managers recognize that each person is unique which is why we personalize our services to meet the specific needs and concerns of our clientele. The process begins by deciding if the client needs to move, and if so, in what time frame. We have found that simple changes can be made to both a client’s home and their lifestyle to enable them to remain in their home. These changes include modifications to the home to make it more accessible for the homeowner, re-organization, and removal of excess items. We encourage our clients to remain in their homes for as long as it is fiscally and physically possible. However, due to financial restraints, many of our clients decide to downsize or move into a senior community. At Carative, we comprehend the magnitude of a later-life move which is why we want to provide our clients with the resources to ensure an efficient and smooth transition from their old home to their new home.

If you would like more information about our moving services for senior adults, please contact us at your convenience by phone at 973-746-0867 or via email at our contact us page.

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