10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's

According to the Alzheimer's Association, "memory loss that disrupts daily life is not a typical part of aging. It may be a symptom of Alzheimer's, a fatal brain disease that causes a slow decline in memory, thinking and reasoning skills."

The 10 warning signs are:

Very early signs and symptoms

According to the National Institute of Health, "memory problems are one of the first signs of Alzheimer's Disease. Some people with mild Alzheimer's Disease have a condition called amnestic mild cognitive impairment (MCI). People with MCI have more memory problems than normal for people their age, but their symptoms are not as severe as those of people with Alzheimer's Disease. More people with MCI go on to develop Alzheimer's Disease than people without MCI."

Mild Alzheimer's Disease

As Alzheimer's Disease progresses, memory loss continues and changes in other cognitive abilities appear. In most people with Alzheimer's Disease, symptoms first appear after age 60. Alzheimer's Disease is often diagnosed at this stage.

Moderate Alzheimer's Disease

In moderate Alzheimer's Disease, damage occurs in areas of the brain that control language, reasoning, sensory processing, and conscious thought.

Severe Alzheimer's Disease

People with severe Alzheimer's Disease cannot communicate and are completely dependent on others for their care. Near the end, the person with Alzheimer's Disease may be in bed most or all of the time.

If you have questions about any of these warning signs, the Alzheimer's Association recommends consulting a physician. Early diagnosis provides the best opportunities for treatment, support and future planning.

For more information about the Alzheimer's Association, visit their website at http://www.alz.org.

For information about Alzheimer's Disease from the National Institute of Health, visit the Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center of the National Institute on Aging website at http://www.nia.nih.gov/Alzheimers/

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